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Beatstars vs own website

July One of the major challenges that beat producers face is finding a market for their beats. It is usually very challenging for many beat producers to find the right tools that they can take advantage of to sell their beats online. Beat-selling platforms are very important since they provide music producers with a ready market for them to share their work and generate revenue from it.

Such platforms have made it easy for beat producers to earn money and make a name for themselves.

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Some of the main online platforms for this include Airbit and Beatstars. Both platforms have revolutionized the music industry by providing extraordinary solutions for beat producers and helping them get market for their beats and make money doing what they love.

The following article will look at both these platforms to help you determine which platform offers the best services. It provides a platform for artists, songwriters, beatmakers and producers to sell their work to interested parties. It is a popular safe platform for selling and earning money from your beats. One of the things that make Airbit stand out from its peers is the fact that it has an automated file delivery system. Your customers are able to instantly download your beats and your contract without you necessarily sending the files first.

When compared to other such platforms, Airbit users make the most from their beats. Airbit does not take any commission from the money that your beats make. You can also connect Airbit to your social networks. It is easy to incorporate Airbit in your emails, Facebook account, your own website, and anywhere else you can think of.

Airbit users do not need to have a website in order to have a beatstore since you can send your audience directly to your store link. Furthermore, Airbit makes it easy for its users to get new subscribers on YouTube, get new followers on social networks, or collect emails. This helps you to get more YouTube subscribers and email sign-ups, enabling you to build strong, long-term relationships with your clients.

Airbit users also get to choose whether they want a free download to be tagged or untagged.Online beat licensing is nothing new as music producers have been licensing their beats for many years now. What once started with a few hundred producers on sites like Soundclick and MySpace has now evolved into a massive music-licensing industry led by platforms such as BeatStarsAirbit and Soundee. Still, beat licensing is serious business.

In this guide, we will explain the concept of beat licensing and particularly focus on the differences between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Licenses.

The information provided in this guide will apply to both artists that are buying beat licenses, and producers selling beat licenses. Sit back and relax! The concept of beat licensing is not hard to understand. A producer makes a beat and uploads it to their beat store. Any artist can buy these beats directly from the store and use it for their own songs.

In exchange for their purchase, the producer will provide the artist with a license agreement. A document that grants the artist certain user-rights to create and distribute a song. This license agreement is legal proof that the producer has given them permission to use the beat. A common misconception is when artists ask producers for free beats. Even when a producer agrees and sends the artist a free beat.

The truth is, that free beat is useless as there is no legal proof and permission to use it. This is where the license agreement comes in. It is the license agreement. With a non-exclusive license, the producer grants the artist permission to use the beat to create a song of their own and distribute it online. The producer will still retain copyright ownership more about this later and the artist has to adhere to the rights granted in the agreement. Most non-exclusive licenses have a limitation on sales, plays, streams or views.

A non-exclusive license also has an expiration date. This could be anywhere between years. After the contract period is due, the buyer has to renew the license. In other words, buy a new one.

Airbit vs Beatstars – Where Should I Sell My Beats?

Since these licenses are non-exclusive, a single beat can be licensed to an unlimited number of different artists. This means that several artists could be using the same beat for a different song under similar license terms. Whether this is a problem depends entirely on what stage the artist is.Want to know how to make extra income and earn more exposure from your beats?

Selling beats online bypasses many of the traditional avenues associated with the music industry, allowing you to take things into your own hands.

You only need two things: good music, and a way to put your beats in-front of an audience. Prior to platforms like BeatStars and Airbit, Wesley says selling beats was a cumbersome process. With the new beat-selling platforms, things are far easier allowing young producers to sign up for free and start selling beats within half an hour.

All you need to do is upload the music, create your licenses, set your prices and then connect your PayPal. They offer different subscription plans. Usually, the free plans come with a commission fee for the beat store provider. BeatStars was one of the early innovators that also offered a suite of automated tools. Technology is advancing, and at the end of the day, BeatStars is a technology company.

BeatStars has grown to more thanmembers since launch, across more than countries. Key BeatStars features include an automated process for customers to listen, add to cart, purchase, and instantly receive files and contracts. There are several different kinds of licensing available for beat sellers, broken down into two main types: exclusive and non-exclusive. While an exclusive license can only be sold to one artist, a non-exclusive license can be sold to an unlimited number of artists.

How to Set up Your BEAT STORE

Some of my beats might be sold 80 times to 80 different artists, which equates to 80 different licenses that I sell on just from the one production. When you create a beat and upload it to your beat store, customers are able to instantly purchase these non-exclusive licenses. You can also choose to sell exclusive licenses from your beat store, though it is common to negotiate on the price with individual cases before selling the exclusive rights. On both BeatStars and Airbit, by default, you can offer non-exclusive and exclusive licensing agreements for your beats.

beatstars vs own website

In addition to customizing both of these licenses, you also have the option of creating your own custom, tailor-made licensing agreements. Building a sustainable career out of your music involves a disciplined approach to how you spend your time marketing. The power is in your hands, but producers need to put themselves into a marketing mindset. The starting point is to stay consistent with uploading new beats, and promoting work on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms, as well as building an email list of customers.

Wesley encourages taking this further by developing a closer conversation with your audience. You need a plan to get started. How are you going to get your music heard, how will you close deals and get artists to pay for your beats? One strategy used by many producers is to present yourself as a real person that other artists can do business with, as opposed to hiding behind a logo or brand. Selling beats is about scaling your business one sale at a time.

Who will be buying your productions? Product expert Tim Cant shows you how to add some old-school flavor to your beats.

Enhance everything from your kicks to your keys with product specialist Tim Cant. Discover how Instagram sensation Tomer Baruch brings his creations to life with Native tools. The Grammy-winning producer explains how Los Angeles inspires his signature sound. Product expert James Russell walks you through the rudiments of rolling your own drum sounds from scratch.If you want to know how to sell beats onlineyou need to know exactly which site is the best site to sell beats.

With all of the options that are available to you, knowing the differences and benefits of each of these options are going to really be the best thing for you. Here you will see Beatstars vs. MyFlashStore as well as the many other sites so that you can have an easier time deciding on which one is the best for you.

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For the most part, this is the most popular option for producers and there are a few reasons for this. One of the biggest reasons for this is because this website has joined together with YouTube and SoundCloudwhich can be very helpful in maximizing your profits.

You are also going to get built-in social networking capabilities that can allow for private messaging and other useful options for artists. What really makes this website stand out is that there is a checkout system that is very user friendly that can distribute your content directly to your fans.

While it is not a site that exclusively works with selling beats, this is a website that is becoming increasingly popular. It does not have as many ads, which can distract customers and may end up making you lose profits. Social integration is definitely one of the best aspects to this website as this can make a huge difference in exposure for your beats.

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There is also a marketplace on this website that you can utilize to help maximize your exposure though you will be charged a commission when using this feature. In comparison to some of the other sites on this list, this is among the newest option that has grown in popularity over the past 2 years. From this site, you can create your own highly customizable website when you get a membership.

The World’s #1 Marketplace To Buy and Sell Beats!

It is a very aesthetically appealing website that is very user friendly for both customers and producers. You can also get embedded players for social media sites to help promote your beats as well as give you the ability to create discounts for customers. Originally created inthis website has not changed that much since its creation decades ago.

This can be very daunting for users, especially with some of the more attractive options out there. What really makes this website stand out is that it is free, whereas the other sites do require a membership for most features. There is a VIP account that you can get, but you can do pretty decently without paying extra.

As long as ads are not a huge issue for you, this could be an excellent site for beats promotion. Join the Artist Help Program to get my music marketing blueprint that helped me get over 4 Million Hits!

No Spam Guarantee. Powered by OptimizePress 2. Beatstars Vs. MyFlashStore Vs. Soundgine Vs. Via BeatStars. Image Via Soundgine. Dig It? Leave A Comment. Get Instant Access. Twitter BeatStars Vs Airbit. I wish wanted to go with and also for myself I had to look at it for myself so. Obviously you know both of these you can sell your beats online and both of these is going to be an automated beat selling player which is good but let's look further.

All right now of course they got this little ad here and that's going to of course make everything look awesome but let's look at the real features here. First thing here is I see with airbit you can have three different options.

Okay this is actually the player that I've seen the most on people's pages, but of course we have these other options as well. Cool, all right that's one thing I guess they have this advanced control panel and say let's see here our easy to use control panel makes selling beats online a breeze with more dashboard statistics than ever before. Running your beat selling business with airbit ensures you can tailor your marketing to a tee, meaning more money in your pocket.

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You need that honestly when you work with other producers works on all devices continuous integration okay. And then these are the real user this is where it really gets down to it they don't take any Commission off a very thing which is pretty good.

They have custom voice tags that you can put up on there. Discount coupons,Mailing intregrations. Instant payment PayPal and credit card so really they get it you can get it popping with the free account.

For ten dollars a month you can put 50 beats up and actually you're really in business if you got a catalog of 50 beats so that's pretty dope.

Custom licenses and contracts discounts and coupons. Google Analytics which is nicer you can get some analytics from Google. Facebook pickle pixels accept offers so say if you want to have a from organic, you know a non-exclusive catalog and then say I will it's not exclusive but if you want to tell me an offer from my beat you can do that that's awesome right.

There it's a good feature, scheduled releases hosted track outs I remember this is something they didn't have like before they will pretty much have it to where you have to get a third party to host your track outs and that would this be tacking on more and more and more so thank you everybody for changing that out. Free downloads, okay cool cool cool cool, and in this one you know it's just a mega one you can do. So you got Pro page they're going to, throw the ads on there okay boom boom boom so it's kind of limited though.

With this free you kind of have to have and then five private messages on what the heck that is. I mean some people in their their site, you can only hit them up five times with a free joint okay well hey it's that's still fair though you know I'm saying. Also see people don't hit me getting your beats for free off of youtube and throwing it back up on youtube to get someplace they'll make sure you get paid for that.This article was written by our guest contributor Eric Dubois.

So you want to become a producer?

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You want to stop being an amateur and start being a professional? We have all heard about the debate on how internet has killed the music industry… But it has also created so much more opportunities! There are so many beat makers out there making a good living only by selling beats online! But if you think your beats are good enough and just want to make a little cash on the side, here are 3 amazing websites you should sign up to right away!

Upwork is a freelancing website.

BeatStars Vs Airbit

And what is a Producer? You are hired as an individual to create music for a certain amount of time one record or a full album. Freelancing your expertise is a great way to make an extra income from home.

It is always a great way to learn the business. Communication is key, knowing what you are good at and what you suck at! A House producer will not create a reggaeton record as well… But if you are open in learning and become a Full-Time Producer it is a great place to start.

I am still creating beats with my very first client I found on Upwork… If they like your work and especially the WAY you work honesty, respecting deadlines, communication… they will always call you first when they have another job to offer.

beatstars vs own website

Networking my friends! You basically sign up, update your profile, upload a few links to your work Soundcloud, Youtube… and start applying to Job offers. So the hard life of a beginning freelancer begins…. You have to know how to sell yourself! Once you found an interesting job and you feel it is the perfect job for you, time to sell yourself.

In order to apply you have to write to the client why you would be the best fit for the job and your price. Before applying you can see how many other freelancers have applied to the same job… It could be discouraging if you are just starting.If you are a hip hop beatmaker or music producer and want to learn how to sell beats online you have come to the right place. Apply the tips we share and you will be well on your way to making a living selling beats in Are you making a killing selling beats online or struggling with beat sales?

After you read the entire guide please share your thoughts and experiences with selling beats online in the comments section below!

Before you even consider selling your first beat online you must honestly question whether your beats are good enough to sell. Take a listen to your beats and then compare them to the beats produced from your favorite pro producers. Can you honestly say they compare? If you don't produce quality beats you would be better off spending your time learning how to make better hip hop beats rather than focusing on sales and marketing.

Perhaps, you need to purchase some better beat making equipment and software to help level up your production game, or find some better quality samples.

Ultimately, without a polished product you will have trouble making any sales. If you have high quality tracks that have no copyright issues then you are ready to start selling beats online. However, before you start selling beats you need to understand exactly how beat selling works in this era.

beatstars vs own website

These are non-exclusive and exclusive licenses. If you sell a beat under an exclusive license other artists can no longer buy a license for that same beat. The beat is then "SOLD" and is removed from all of your beat selling platforms, social and streaming media accounts. There is only one type of exclusive license. However, there are many variations of non-exclusive licenses and these can be sold as tiered pricing plans.

The 3 most common non-exclusive licence types that you will use will be:. Just remember, you can sell non-exclusive licenses to an unlimited amount of artists. But an exclusive license can only be sold to one artist. The basic non-exclusive license is the cheapest option and would only include low quality audio files.

Premium non-exclusive licenses will include high quality audio files and generally include track outs and other premium features.

We will discuss this in greater detail further along in this guide. Licensing used to be an extremely complicated aspect of beat selling that would often prevent beatmakers from even attempting to start selling their beats online. However, the invention of state of the art beat selling platforms have made beat selling and licensing a very simple process in this day and age. You simply upload your tracks to these platforms and then the artist chooses the licence that suits them and their project.

In saying that, you must be aware that exclusive licence prices and terms will often be negotiated behind the scenes. The ability to take advantage of recent innovations in beat selling technology is just one of the many reasons why you should not hesitate to become an online beat seller. Let's take a deeper look at a few more reasons of why you should start selling your beats online this year It has never been easier to sell your beats online.

Those of you who were trying to sell beats back in the early 's would know exactly what I'm talking about. Back in the day we had ridiculously slow internet speeds which would make the transfer of music files a nightmare. There was no social media so it was extremely difficult to find ways to connect with rappers and other hip hop vocalists. As producers we would often resort to working with local artists, and when we did make a sale online we would have to manually send files through complicated file sharing systems.

Beatmakers these days have got it good! If you are under 25 years old it may be difficult to appreciate just how lucky you are to be living in this digitally connected era as a music producer.

Thanks to unlimited access to affordable high speed internet and social media you can now connect with potential customers all around the world, instantly.

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