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Rimworld nutrition per day

A delicious preparation of cocoa seeds ground together with sugar and vanilla. Very pleasurable to eat, but not very nutritious. A Fine meal is created at an electric stove or fueled stove and requires 0. A colonist with cooking skill of at least 6 is required to create this meal. When eaten it causes the Ate fine meal thought with a 5 mood bonus. A fine meal provides 0. Kibble is a kind of animal feed. It can only be made by a cook at a butcher table. No minimum cooking skill is required to create it.

A completed bill produces 50 kibble only 35 at a butcher spot. Kibble restores only 0. Kibble never spoils though it can degrade if left outdoorsso kibble is a long-term and easily stored way to feed a large number of animals. A lavish meal is created at an electric stove or fueled stove and requires 0. A colonist with cooking skill of at least 8 is required to create this meal. When eaten it causes the Ate lavish meal thought with a 12 mood bonus. A lavish meal provides 1.

A synthetic mixture of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Everything the body needs, and absolutely disgusting. A nutrient paste meal is produced from a nutrient paste dispenserusing raw food ingredients worth 0.

When consumed, it gives a -4 mood penalty " Ate awful meal ". The meals are dispensed on demand, and no cooking skill is required. Nutrient paste meals never cause food poisoning.The food production chain in RimWorld results in edible food to keep your colony sustained. There are multiple ways to obtain raw ingredients for refined food, and refined food itself. The most common way to produce food in RimWorld is to farm it. Vegetarian ingredients are obtained by growing crops, and meat ingredients are obtained by rearing livestock.

RimWorld has five main crop types: cornhaygrasspotatoesriceand strawberries. Each plant in turn has their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, making them all distinguishable from one another.

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If everything goes perfectly, a 7x7 field of rice on normal soil with a year-round growing season should produce just enough food for a single pawn. But if you gain more colonists or animals to feed, or if farming is hindered by misfortune or enemy action, planning ahead and planting extra can ensure your colony has enough food to eat. Each crop will be roughly summarized here, but each crops' own pages will go into more detail on that particular crop:.

Walls can protect your crops from hungry wildlife or arsonist raiders. They also prevent the spread of blight between fields, minimizing your losses from this event. Fire can also be a problem, particularly in heavily wooded biomes such as boreal forests or tropical swamps. A roof 4 tiles or wider all around your crop fields can prevent the spread of fire, even if it is supported by stone pillars rather than a completely built wall. More well established colonies could also add firefoam poppers.

Most biomes have soil you can use to plant crops, even if they are too cold to have a growing season. Placing a sun lamp on dirt and enclosing it with walls and a roof can help you produce a reliable food supply. This also offers more crop varieties than hydroponics and is less vulnerable to power outages. Even in a biome with permanent summer, setting up a greenhouse in advance can ensure you are prepared in case of a long toxic fallout that prevents you from growing vegetables in the open air.

If you have both winter and summer, removing the roof of your greenhouse during the growing season can conserve power. Be sure to turn your sunlamps off before doing so.

Though plant-based foods can sustain your colonists, you will usually need animal products if you're going to make better meals for your colonists. Meat is butchered from any freshly killed animal.

The amount of meat obtained is dependent on each animal, and the butchery efficiency of the cook. In general, better cooks can make more out of each dead animal. Milk can be obtained from some female tamed animals: cows, elk, caribou, muffalo and dromedaries. It requires handlers to milk them.

Property:Nutrition per Day

Cows produce 15 milk every day. Other animals produce 12 milk once every 2 days, except dromedaries who produce Eggs are produced most efficiently by chickens.

They can also be obtained from a cassowary, cobra, emu, iguana, ostrich, tortoise or turkey.

rimworld nutrition per day

Simple, fine and lavish meals can all use eggs as an ingredient. They can be eaten raw by humanlikes with the "raw food" mood debuff and by animals which are ovivores. Rearing livestock is a good choice for constantly providing these animal products for use. Milk and eggs in particular can only be obtained by milking livestock, outside of trading. There are two factors you will want to consider for livestock solely for food production : nutrition efficiency and production rate.

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This refers to how effectively the animal converts nutrition consumed to nutrition produced either by milking or butchering. The grass on the map contains plenty of nutrition which in inaccessible to colonists, and requires you convert them to meat or milk before being consumable by colonists.

This is pretty straightforward.Food is the basic source of nutrition to both humans and animals. Lack of it leads to hunger which can be tracked by a pawn's food meter known as saturation and a long excessive deprivation leads to starvation. Food found in its natural stage is raw, fruits can be consumed without cooking but vegetables and meat will taste better for the colonist when prepared. Raws can still be consumed without being heated but causes the Ate raw food thought with a -7 mood penalty.

Eating raw food restores 0. Foods cooked at an electric stovefueled stove or campfire turn into mealslater on it can be processed at the nutrient paste dispenser as well. Food will be wasted if left unattended except for beer by two factors: exposure and high temperature. Note that freezing temperatures alone does not prevent deterioration of food. That meal will still decay from exposure.

Once spoiled, food will vanish and can never be recovered. However, food can be eaten at any stage before spoiling with no visible mood effect.

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From RimWorld Wiki. Category : Food. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. This page was last edited on 24 Augustat Crafted Resources.

Exotic Items. Medical Items. Packaged survival meal.Chickens can not be found in the wild; they must be bought from a merchant or join the colony in a self-taming event. Hens will happily lay unfertilized eggs without a rooster or they can be bred to start chicken farming.

Chickens grow very quickly, taking just over one quadrum from being laid to full maturity - only being surpassed by the iguana in this aspect.

The percentage of likelihood of success depends on factors such as the Animals Wildness Percentage, Pawn Handling Skill, and others. Chickens will regularly lay eggs if female, even if unfertilized, unlike other egg-laying livestock. Each egg has enough nutrition to replace the meat component in a fine meal. If you also have a rooster, he may fertilize eggs before a hen lays them.

These eggs will then hatch into a chick, so long as it is left alone and does not experience extreme temperatures Less than 0C, greater than 50C.

Unfertilized eggs will never hatch. There is no difference between a fertilized and an unfertilized egg for the purpose of cooking. When slaughtered, a chicken yields 5 meat as a chick; 16 as a juvenile; or 22 as an adult. No leather is yielded. It's worth noting that allowing an egg to hatch and immediately slaughtering it for meat provides the exact same amount of nutrition as simply eating the egg.

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As a general rule this would mean that its still better to eat the egg as you don't need to wait until its hatched, the egg will last slightly longer in storage important if you live somewhere with regular heat waves and you don't need to generate a butchering job, unless you plan on making pemmican which requires meat exclusively. A chicken consumes 0. The following is a list of how much haygrass it takes to sustain a mature chicken.

Bracketed values are actual values rounded up to 2 decimal places:. Therefore, when slaughtered as juveniles, chickens have a nutrition efficiency nutrition out for nutrition in of This makes them the 10th most efficient animal to farm for meat; more efficient than capybarasbut less efficient than pigs and wild boars. Prior to Alpha 17, chickens were one of the fastest reproducing animals in the game. However, they were nerfed in Alpha 17 in both body size and breeding rate, making them significantly less efficient than they used to be.

In fact, it's much more nutrition-efficient to farm snowhares for meat and cows for milk. From RimWorld Wiki. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. This page was last edited on 4 Julyat Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. RimWorld Store Page. Ambigore View Profile View Posts. Has anyone roughly figured this out? Suppose I want a colonist to solely live off potatoes.

How many crop tiles would I need to plant so the guy barely survives? I know you should always produce more than you need, which is what I do. But once I get a surplus, I usually wind back crop production, until I'm running out again. I'd like to know the base level of crop tiles needed per colonist so I don't cut back too much.

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Food production

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rimworld nutrition per day

Last edited by corisai ; 20 Dec, am. Astasia View Profile View Posts. That's if they are being eaten raw. Colonists eat 1. Edit: Keep in mind you need to be prepared for things like blights, and cold snaps or heat waves, so that information is mostly useless in actual gameplay.

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rimworld nutrition per day

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